Last B-52 flyover – Sept. 20, 1995

RETRO ROME – A pair of B-52s returned briefly to Griffiss on September 20 to participate in the inactivation ceremonies of the 416th Bomb Wing on Friday, September 22, 1995.  Protecting their ears from the engine noise are Erin O’Hara (left) and her mother Margaret O’Hara, both of Pleasant Mount, Pa.  (photo by John Clifford)

East Rome Aerial – January 1997

RETRO ROME – Aerial view of East Rome – January 1997.  East Dominick Street cuts diagonally across the bottom of the image. Harbor Way, the road that currently connects East Dominick Street to Mill Street and Bellamy Park, was yet to be built.  Harbor Way was opened to traffic in July 2000.