Cedarbrook Manor/Laurel Homes – 1958

cedarbrook_laurelhomes_1958 copy

Cedarbrook Manor/Laurel Homes Development  – 1958.  Aerial view of the nearly complete west Rome housing development.  West Thomas Street can be seen cutting diagonally from the upper left hand corner to the lower right hand corner.  Laurel Street School can be seen left middle of the photo.  Laurel Street School was renamed Strough Junior High School in the mid-1960’s.

South Rome Muck Farms – May 1952


South Rome Muck Farms – May 1952.  The black fertile soil of the south Rome muck lands was a plentiful source of local produce for decades.  This view looks north from the end of South James Street and the Rome State School. The Rome State School was closed in 1989 and re-purposed as Oneida Correctional Facility.  Oneida Correctional Facility was shuttered in 2011. Today, Route 365 runs between South James Street and the facility.